Tuesday, 6 May 2014


 We all know the increasing number of passengers, travelers and airliners are adopting the extra baggage shipping ahead to their journey as their traveling standard and now certain groups of passenger is seemed to avoid carrying excess baggage or luggage whatever you say it, while they come on board in an airline lobby. First thing is that there’s lengthy process of carry on bag checking issues and with different air line companies imposing various types of fines and surcharges on over weighed luggages and baggages have made tourists, passengers and travelers a bit frustrated in lodging their baggages with them on boarding due to various factors and secondly the tourists’ category of passengers especially don’t want the hassle to have their heavy backpacks along with them on flight as they struggle to concentrate and expedite more  and more as possible over their favorite landscapes and visiting places, where their luggage and baggages can be a cause of potential distraction between their dedicated and valuable touring activities.
On the flipped side of a coin, if we analyze, it’s not only the hassle of carrying baggages/luggages and to be kept awaited while the luggage checking processing finishes, but it has been also chosen by certain class of passengers who avoid and are even shy to counter face the situations created by some mishaps due to heavy weight baggages based odd incidents like for example a passenger is boarding his flight with huge number of baggages and luggages and in a rushing attempt he is prompted to fill or occupy the other passengers’ overhead bin case above the flight seat and here comes the embarrassing situations for both the parties which sometimes also engage people starting over the heated arguments and at the end of the day, plane crew staff or other authorities have to intervene and resolve the issue. Sometimes when some passengers leave and walk through customs lobby and checking systems, unintentionally loose control over their baggages and that might sometimes fall on to the feet of other passing passengers and create awkward feeling which makes the affected travelers to express their total discomfort on such conducts. Well its not because one mature passenger don’t know how to best handle and control their luggage / baggages movement, it’s the flooded queues of people standing with zero patience body language behind the one who with pushes and thwarted pulls from behind the shoulders get loose his/her luggage and involves in certain incidents. Small children, on the other side which don’t have sufficient know-how on handling these moving disasters that can make one’s feet or leg slightly or potentially bruised as these little angels with charming smiles love to move luggages and baggages at entering and exit terminals of customs and boarding tunnel while their elders do official and legal procedures there.
It is concluded here that large proportion of statistical data shows that the grooming business of baggages and luggages shipping has gained more popularity and attention over the global stakeholders on one side, is because of the etiquette crisis among passengers boarding on airlines. It’s good to request a quote from leading international baggage shipping companies online and make your journey go with ease and comfort but practicing the ethical conduct through all boarding process can save you a sufficient chunk of your money on baggage shipments and secondly you’ll be able to cast a good impression on behalf of your nation as you fly or travel with multinationals, playing nicely with modest behavior will ultimately make your air journey a much more memorable and interesting.